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Counselor's Corner

Tracy Hanson was born and raised in Williston, North Dakota. She graduated from Williston High School and attended college at Minot State University, earning her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She moved to Devils Lake, ND to start her teaching career. After several years of teaching and working with students, she decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in School Counseling from the University of North Dakota.

I started my school counseling career at my school in Devils Lake and two years later, the oil boom brought my husband and I back to Williston. I accepted a job as a school counselor at my old elementary school, Lewis and Clark. I was so excited to work with my previous teachers and work with a community in which I grew up. 

A lot has changed in Williston since I returned, but I love the fast pace, new faces, and the changing demands of the day to day job. Some of my duties as an elementary school counselor are to teach guidance lessons that reinforce social skills, work with individuals or groups of students, collaborate with parents and teachers, organize special weeks like Red Ribbon Week, or Kindness Week, participate on RTI teams and Safe and Civil Teams, and most of all make a positive difference with kids! 

Fun Fact:  I love planning student events like Math Night or Family Fun Night because I am a kid at heart and have just as much fun attending and participating as the kids do!

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Tracy Hanson, Lewis and Clark Elementary School Counselor
Phone number: 701-572-6331

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